**Weather Warnings Issued**

Issued For: Strong Winds and Heavy Rain

Valid: Sunday 4th March – Monday 5th March

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Through the course of Sunday and into Sunday Evening an area of Low Pressure pushing Eastwards across Southern England will bring a period of potentially severe weather across Southern parts of England. The main focus of the rainfall looks likely to be across Central Southern England moving up into the Southern Midlands and towards East Anglia during Sunday evening. Locally rainfall totals could exceed 20-25mm of rainfall which may lead to localised flooding. The are of Low Pressure will begin to drag colder air Southwards as it clears to the East so we may see a period of sleet and wet snow on the back edge, particularly over higher ground across the Eastern Midlands and perhaps even down into East Anglia for a time but accumulations are considered unlikely. Winds gusting to 35-40mph in exposed locations accompanied with the heavy rain will lead to dangerous driving conditions.

Red Zone – Areas in this zone have been issued with a Severe Weather Warning, heavy rain leading to totals of 20-25mm may lead to brief localised flooding and accompanied by 35mph gusts may lead to dangerous driving conditions for a time. Public are advised to take caution whilst travelling during Sunday evenings rush hour.

Snow Flake – Areas with a snowflake graphic over them may see rain turning to wet snow as the system begins to clear and colder air digs down, whilst accumulations even over higher ground are considered unlikely, a localised but brief 2-3cm cannot be ruled out.Yellow Zone – These areas have been issued an advisory due to rainfall totals not exceeding the weather warning limit, totals in these areas will range from 5-15mm with very localised 18mm of rainfall possible, brief localised flooding is possible but not expected in these areas, winds gusting to 25-30mph.