If you’re sick of the rain then I have some good news. High Pressure will extend over the UK this weekend which will turn things dry for much of the country, however it’s not going to last because through Sunday, a deepening area of Low Pressure looks likely to bring some further heavy rainfall to some Northern Parts. Lets take a look at the weekend on a day to day basis in more detail.


An area of rain will affect much of Scotland and Northern England throughout the day perhaps extending Southwards to the North Midlands too, this could well fall as sleet and snow over the Scottish Highlands, through the day the rain is expected to become lighter and increasingly patchy. Further South we’ll see some pleasant sunshine, there is the risk of the odd shower but these will be few and far between.


Saturday looks likely to be the best day of the weekend with sunshine just about everywhere throughout the United Kingdom, we could see one or two showers developing throughout the day but again I think these are likely to be few and far between, highs of 12-16c across the country.


Now this is when the weather begins to change for the worse across the North, a deepening area of Low Pressure to the North of Scotland will begin to effect Northern and Western Scotland during the morning and through into the afternoon, gale force winds gusting 50-60mph in exposed locations along with some very heavy rain will make way for dangerous conditions for a time, we could even see blizzards across the tops of the Scottish Mountains later in the day. Further South it’ll be a largely dry but cloud will increase as the day goes on with rain moving South over night, becoming lighter as it does so. Highs of 16c

Weather Watch Issued

Valid: Sunday 13th May 06:00 – 18:00

Issued For: Heavy Rain & Strong Winds

Through Sunday morning an area of Low Pressure with a center pressure of 980MB will push Eastwards just to the South of Iceland, this will extend Southwards into Scotland and due to High Pressure across the South, tightening Isobars will bring increasingly strong gale force winds gusting in the range of 50-60mph in exposed locations across Western and Northern Scotland.

Accompanied with these strong winds will be an area of heavy rainfall, this is likely to fall as snow across higher levels perhaps giving rise to blizzard conditions, particularly later in the day as colder air begins to dig down behind.

Public are advised to take caution whilst travelling.