Weather Advisory Issued

July 3, 2012

Weather Warnings

Valid: Friday 6th July 2012


  • Cape of 600-900 J/KG across South-West and Wales
  • Lift of -2 across the South-West and Wales
  • Heavy rain moving through Northern England

Synopsis and Forecast Detail

Through the course of Friday Cape and Lift evident across South-West England and Wales along with strong PVA will allow convection to kick off and we’ll begin to see some heavy, slow moving thundery showers developing across the South-West moving up into Wales, due to the already saturated ground localised flooding is a possibility.

During the early part of the afternoon our focus will also be across Northern England, I’m keeping an area on an area of potentially very heavy rainfall moving in and again due to the saturated ground localised flooding is a possibility.

A weather advisory has been issued and depending on how things develop over the next couple of days will depend whether the advisory is upgraded or downgraded.

Weather Warnings Map



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One Comment on “Weather Advisory Issued”

  1. michael haydon Says:

    Hi danial. Of course the last two summers have been like this, and the trend to wetter summers, higher humidity levels, 80% cloud covers, was already a fact, that Climate change Scientists have repeatedly warned about since 1989, The first, real indication that global warming was now having a direct affect on seasons. I should know, becuase I drove from England To Vienna For a Months winter holiday in 1989. Salzburg, has been a very well known beautiful city in December, For its stunning Snow scenery, and of course had my snow chains in the boot, But when I got to the Austrian Border, I was greeted on the 19th December 1989, By warm sunshine and a temp of 55%F.

    As I drove East to Vienna, the mountains were completely bare, of snow, just rock, later, I heard most ski resorts in Austria and Swiss alps, were closed, because all they had was bare rock. At Vienna, Instead of lovely snow, to try out my new apre ski clothes I bought, I had two weeks of freezing fog, right through to New years day. Not one flake of snow I saw, in that time, my hired skis and lessons I had on a dry slope, back in England ,I never got out of the boot of the car.

    As professor jack Hall tried to tell the US Secretary of state in TDAT, “The cost of not tackling Global warming now”, would cost us even more, at a quicker rate as what the models were forcasting, This June 2012 alone, Think how many millions of Pounds has been lost, cumulatively in jubillee week, Torch relays, The Elton John concert cancelled in my home town promenade, The cricket matches, Boot fairs, fates, Charity outdoor events, and lost revenues from Wimbledon Traders, to high street stores, and DIY centres who cant sell summer items, clothes or garden items.

    As Mr Spock Would say. “it would be illogical” Not to stop the planets ecosystems and The Jetstream from behaving in the way it is, by making not drastic cutbacks to emmisons, and the planting of Huge forests in every country to restore some balance, but I think, There is now far to much fresh water being pumped into the North Atlantic By the melting icecaps, that More perfect storms, like here, and the recent ones inthe Mid USA recently will continue to rain havoc, unless real progress is made fast to litterally save the Planet, But I fear its already to late, should have acted in 1989, when, The real signs, as I have noted above were already happening In Austria, over 23 years ago!


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