Due to recent model changes over Friday 6th rainfall positioning, I have decided to issue an updated version to the weather warning issued earlier on today.

Valid: Friday 6th July

Issued For: Heavy Rain, Flooding


  • Heavy rain associated with an area of Low Pressure will effect the Midlands into Wales
  • Heavy rainfall will then move down to effect more South-Western areas

Severe Weather Warning Issued

Through the course of Friday an area of heavy and persistent rainfall will push into East Anglia initially spreading North-Westwards to effect Northern Midlands up into Northern England, the rainfall will then begin to work its way slightly South-West moving into Wales later moving South to effect Devon and Cornwall.

Heavy Persistent rainfall will be falling onto very saturated ground so localised flooding is highly likely in some areas.

Red Zone – Severe Weather Warning Issued

This zone is expected to see the highest of the rainfall with totals in the region of 30-40mm with localised totals of up to 65mm, the ground is already incredibly saturated so flooding is highly likely in this area. Public are advised to take extreme caution whilst travelling and to keep up to date with local weather forecasts.

Orange Zone – Weather Warning Issued

This zone is expected to see a period of heavy and prolonged rainfall, rainfall totals in the region of 10-20mm are likely with localised totals up to 30mm. Flooding is again a possibility in these areas and it’s advised to pay attention to local weather forecasts.

Yellow Zone – Weather Advisory Issued

This area is expected to see some heavy rainfall but it’s unlikely to be too prolonged. This area is also at risk from experiencing more severe weather. Shifts in the current tracking of the system may also cause this area to be upgraded if necessary. Localized rainfall totals of 10-15mm are likely, flooding risk is considered to be low.

Future updates to this warning might be issued later this evening if any further model shifts occur in this afternoons models. This is a very complex system and it would seem the models are struggling to get to grips of the exact track system.