Weather Advisory Issued

July 9, 2012

Weather Warnings

This warning is NO longer in force due to changes within the models

Valid: Tuesday 10th – Wednesday 11th July

Issued For: Persistent rainfall, localised flooding


  • Cold Front becoming slow moving across the UK
  • Rainfall Totals exceeding 40mm in local areas
  • Risk of localised flooding
  • Midlands, Eastern  and Northern England
Forecast Detail

Through the course of Tuesday a trough pushing up across Central and Eastern England will bring further rainfall, at times heavy to the areas listed above, whilst primarily the Midlands and Eastern England are at risk through Tuesday rainfall will become more widespread on Wednesday giving rise to issues across Northern parts of England too. Rainfall totals of 15-25mm are expected quite widely but local falls of 40mm are possible giving rise to localised flooding.

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3 Comments on “Weather Advisory Issued”

  1. michael haydon Says:

    No Change then, due to the Jet Stream, behaving in a way, that has Scientists, Climatatologists and The met offices all over the world, really looking for answers as to why the Northen hemisphere Jet Stream is in a Winter position instead of being North Of most of the UK & Europe. This same Unusual Jet Stream Position, is also, being seen as the reason for the current, serious, Flash flooding in Russia.

    The Current USA Heatwave is one of Options Scientists are looking into as one of many Possibilties, of why The jet Stream in our Northen Hemisphere is continuing to Load Low pressure after Low pressure, instead of settled High pressure, we normally get in June, July & August. For others interest, there is not only One Jetstream that affects our weather, theres actually 3, possibly 4 Jetstreams across differant zones of the world. Also the El Niño has an indirect Impact in our weather, but it mainly affects central zones around the globe. Other theories, being studied is the effects of the Icelandic Volcano Eruptions of last couple of years.


    • Daniel Smith Says:

      Yep. The Negative NAO is having an effect on both Europe’s weather and Americas weather, whilst here it produces unsettled, blocked type weather, on the other side of the block it produces very warm, humid air across America.If wet were in the middle of winter we really would be buried in copious amounts of snowfall, the persistence of this block and pattern is something I can’t recall seeing before and something you’d only really read about from the great winters! I do have a feeling winter could turn out to be milder again though if we don’t see a pattern change soon



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