Over the last couple of days High Pressure has been building just to the East of the UK and this has been dragging some very warm air up from the near continent, this is expected to continue with temperatures reaching 30, 31 or even 32c across the Southern and Eastern section of the country on Saturday, slightly cooler elsewhere but still feeling warm.

The excitement actually comes on Sunday though, an area of Low Pressure moves onto the scene creating some instability moving into Western parts of the country, combined with the heat and humidity this does have the potential to bring some thunderstorms, some of which could be on the severe side. There is currently a lot of uncertainty within the models over which areas will see the severe weather through Sunday so as ever frequent updates will be issued here on the Blog. The map below outlines the areas currently thought to be at risk from this system, a weather warning will probably be issued on Saturday afternoon when things become clearer.