Valid: Tuesday 28th – Wednesday 29th August

Issued For: Strong Winds, Heavy Rain


  • Area of Low Pressure pushing close to Western areas could bring strong winds and heavy rain
  • Flood Risk across Western areas
  • Early Storm Watch Issued to highlight potential risk

Through Monday night and into Tuesday, a relatively deep area of low pressure for this time of year is expected to push close to Western parts of the UK, exact tracking at the moment is uncertain with some models keen to bring the low pressure system further East resulting in possible severe weather, whilst other models maintain the ridge of high pressure across the UK deflecting the low  pressure North and away from the British Isle.

Due to the potential of severe weather from this system, a UK Storm Watch has been issued to keep track of the system and update you of any changes. At this stage, the risk of severe weather is considered to be low however this maybe upgraded with future model outputs.

Weather Models

GFS Model
UKMO Model
ECM Model
GEM Model


Current Risk Zone