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A largely dry, bright and warm week is expected

Over the last couple of days High Pressure has been building across the United Kingdom as forecasted and this has begun to turn things increasingly settled across England and Wales, we’ve still seen some outbreaks of rain across parts of Scotland and I think this is going to continue through the course of the week as Low Pressure systems track between Iceland and Scotland, however due to the current High Pressure driven pattern forecast confidence further into the future becomes available allowing us to take a more detailed, longer look. Here’s the forecast for the week ahead


An area of Low Pressure to the South of Iceland will bring increasing amounts of cloud and outbreaks of rain across through the course of the day, most of this is expected to be light but we could see some heavier bursts across the far North of Scotland later in the day, elsewhere a largely dry day with some good sunny spells to be had, highs of 25, 26 or even 27c in the South.


An area of cloud and drizzle will gradually work its way Southwards across the country throughout the day though I think any drizzle will die out over Northern England leaving just an area of cloud, sunshine returning behind the weather front across Scotland and Northern England later in the day, always the chance of a few showers developing across Scotland, though. Highs of 26c


Early morning mist and fog will clear quite quickly through the morning leading to a largely dry and bright day across many areas, we could see some cloud bubbling up through Scotland, Northern England and Northern Wales through the day which may give the odd spot of drizzle. High Pressure re-positions itself through the course of the day so slightly cooler with highs of 18-22c


A short wave feature just to the North of Scotland will turn things breezier here through the day with rain moving into Northern parts later in the day, elsewhere another dry and bright day with some good sunny spells to be had, highs of 19-23c


Cloud maybe thick enough to produce the odd spot of drizzle once again across Scotland but elsewhere, much the same with good sunny spells, temperatures warming up nicely again too with highs of 25c