Tropical Storm Leslie is forecasted to reach Hurricane Status through the next couple of days before becoming absorbed into the Jet Stream and pushing Eastwards towards the British Isle, from here on in the cooler North Atlantic ocean will begin to weaken this storm system but models are currently predicting it to be of enough strength when it reaches us to produce some fairly severe gale force winds.

At this very early stage accurate predictions of this system isn’t possible due to the trouble the models have with systems like this, but this system does have the potential to push across parts of the United Kingdom bringing the first severe gale force winds of the Autumnal season. Models currently predict Leslie to reach the British Isle sometime between the 15th-18th September with losely packed isobars before tightening as it pushes to our East bringing stronger winds down from the North, this is likely to change as the models begin to get a better grasp on things over the coming days and into next week.