I mentioned a couple of days ago that hurricane Leslie had the potential to move towards the UK and bring a period of wet and windy weather to Northern areas, since then models have begun keeping Leslie away from the UK and it now seems likely that it’ll stay way out in the Atlantic and not really have much of an effect on us.

Having said that it is going to turn unsettled and cooler over the next few days as we begin to swap High Pressure for lower pressure and we’ll be bringing the rain back into the forecast. The latest 500hPa Height Anomaly charts for both the ECM and GFS show this quite well with the blues close to or over the UK

500hPa Height Anomaly Chart ECM & GFS

We can also see by taking a look at the GFS Ensembles that we’re going to see quite a dip in the temperature over the coming days along with an increase in precipitation

GFS Ensembles

So through the course of this week it’ll become rather changeable with outbreaks of showers or longer spells of rain, particularly across Scotland and Northern England where at times we could see some very heavy rain accompanied by strong winds, further South it will be drier but feeling cooler with showery outbreaks at times.