UK Weather Forecasts constantly strives to improve the way forecasts are delivered and with winter quickly approaching many people will become more concerned about what the weather has to bring. I have therefore decided to launch a Monthly Forecast page which will be updated twice every month to give you a heads up and possible weather conditions early on. This can be viewed by Clicking Here or by clicking on “Monthly Forecasts” in the top navigation menu.

Long Range forecasting is considered to be an experimental science and should never really be taken too seriously, whilst it can offer a guide as to the most likely weather conditions, it cannot give detailed forecast specifics for particular days, I offer three different types of forecasts on this website in the winter months.

– Seasonal Forecast, this covers the winter months and should be used in conjunction with;

– Monthly Forecasts, this forecast aims to support the Seasonal Forecast and pick up any changes to the forecast period

– Short Term Forecasts, this forecast is provided to really narrow down the weather specifics and to take note of any changes from the previous two forecasts.