The picture I think really sums up the expected weather through the next week or so and the change from the warmer conditions we’ve become accustomed to will begin on Thursday, a Cold Front pushing slowly Southwards across Scotland will bring a period of heavy, persistent rainfall through the course of Thursday, this rain will continue to push Southwards overnight and into Friday but becoming lighter and increasingly showery as it does so, it’ll be bringing a change to a more Northerly flow too though so I think the main thing we’ll notice is a drop in temperature, particularly through Friday night where we could see a ground frost across more Northern areas but perhaps in exposed Southern areas too.

This really sets the scene for the weekend and beyond, an area of Low Pressure has the potential to bring some exceptionally heavy rain up into South-West England and Wales before gradually heading North-East through Saturday night and Sunday,there is still some uncertainties about this but confidence is continuing to rise for a cooler, wetter period from Thursday onwards with low pressure setting up just to the West of the British Isle.