An area of Low Pressure that spawned out of energy from ex-hurricane Nadine has brought heavy rainfall to some parts through today, that rainfall is expected to continue over the next couple of days so I’ve decided to give a detailed three day forecast to try and give an idea of where this rainfall will be, as always the forecast is likely to change slightly due to the uncertainties.


Heavy rain will gradually move Northwards throughout the day, through the morning the main focus will be across South-Western England where we’ll see a heavy pulse of rain moving through, this could lead to some localised flooding problems for a time  before it clears Northwards into Wales, a showery start across the South and East but becoming drier through the day with the focus of the rain moving to Wales, the Midlands and Northern England.


A wet start to the day is expected across Northern England and Eastern Scotland, throughout the day another area of rain is likely to develop and push across Wales, The Midlands, South-West England and perhaps effecting South-East England too, the rain is likely to be on the heavy side at times and accompanied by gusty winds, particularly across coastal areas, the rain across the Midlands will gradually work its way into Eastern England during the later afternoon and evening.


A wet start to the day once again across Northern and South-East England with showers or longer spells of rain and that’s really where the focus of the rain is likely to be through the morning and into the afternoon, we will start to see an area of rain or showers moving into Wales too through the course of the day before the rain begins to die away across many areas during the evening period.

Further Outlook

Beyond Wednesday and towards the weekend a ridge of High Pressure looks likely to build across the United Kingdom turning things more settled and giving us a bit of a rest from the rain, we could see further showers into Northern Scotland but elsewhere should be mostly dry, there’s a lot of uncertainty about beyond next weekend at the moment with some models keen to bring in a showery Northerly airflow whilst others want to keep high pressure over us, as always I’ll update you when things become clearer.