We’re going to be seeing a very unusual weather pattern developing over the next couple of days and through the course of next week, we’re seeing High Pressure beginning to build across Greenland and over Svalbard, at this time of year we should be seeing Low Pressure in these areas so it’s a very unusual pattern indeed.

As this area of High Pressure begins to develop we’re going to see the Jet Stream responding by moving Southwards and across the United Kingdom, as the chart below illustrates

This is going to bring areas of Low Pressure to the UK and due to the High Pressure being in place further North the Low Pressure systems are generally going to be slow moving and stick around for a while, this is expected to bring a period of very wet weather through the course of next week which could lead to some flooding problems.

The details as always at this stage are a little uncertain but a weather warning is likely to be issued closer to the period in question.