Turning Wet and Windy

October 16, 2012

Weather Forecasts

 Some of us have seen a fair amount of sunshine over the last couple of days and some of us have seen some rain. Unfortunately in the coming days things are going to go downhill.

Overnight tonight and into Wednesday an area of Low Pressure to the West of the country will push up an area of rainfall across Southern and Central areas, this rain will continue to work its way Northwards through the course of Wednesday morning reaching Scotland by the early afternoon, showers will follow on behind across Northern England and Wales accompanied by some strong winds, showers affecting the far South-East later on in the evening.

Through Wednesday night and into Thursday we’re going to see another area of rain moving up into Southern counties and spread slowly Northwards through the day, the heaviest of the rainfall looks likely to fall across the Midlands as the day progresses where we could see some localised flooding, the rain will continue to spread Northwards into North-East England and through the night up into Scotland.

Friday morning starts off wet across South-Eastern and Central England, the rain will tend to gradually die away as the day progresses but you’ll never be too far away from some showers here, rain across Northern and Western Scotland will become more showery later in the day, showers also likely to effect North-Western England too.

Feeling cool overall with highs of 11-14c across the country.

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