I’ve been talking about the risks of some colder weather pushing across the UK later next week and I’ll get onto that in a moment, first I’d like to talk about the warmer weather we’re going to see over the next few days. A weak ridge of High Pressure has developed to the East of the UK and this has allowed warmer air to flow up across the UK, temperatures likely to peak at around 18/19c with maybe a localised 20c somewhere in the South, it’s going to be far from summary though unfortunately with an area of rain pushing up into South-East England and East Anglia through Sunday, this will begin to die away overnight into Monday but there’ll be a lot of cloud with some mist and fog around for everyone bar the far South-East.

As we go through the middle of next week and into the second part High Pressure will retrogress North-Westwards towards Greenland, at the same time Low Pressure will push down into North-West Europe and this will begin to push colder air Southwards across the UK by next weekend, and yes, this will bring the increased risk of some snowfall across higher levels in the North, but even down to lower levels too.

Details are still unclear at this stage about how extensive the cold will be and how far South it will move so as ever the situation needs to be monitored closely but confidence is growing for the first shot of cold to come later next week and into next weekend.