I’ve been talking about things turning colder for about a week now and over the next few days we’re going to be seeing a change from the mild, muggy weather to something much cooler and more seasonal for the time of year.

Through Thursday overnight into Friday a cold front will begin pushing Southwards across the United Kingdom and this will introduce much colder, fresher air across all areas. The recent mist, murk and low cloud that’s been plaguing much of England and Wales will be replaced with cold autumnal sunshine.

Friday morning sees a cool, dry and bright start across much of the country, any mist and fog across the far South will clear Southwards through the morning. During the afternoon showers will begin to push into Eastern Scotland and North-East England, these will begin to turn to snow across higher ground and perhaps down to lower levels in the North-East but I think lower levels more likely to see a mixture of rain, sleet and hail rather than snow. Feeling much cooler than it has lately with temperatures ranging from 4c in the North to 11c in the far South-West.

We start the day on Saturday with a widespread frost and plenty of sunshine, wintry showers again affecting North-East Scotland extending Southwards along Eastern coastal areas perhaps even down into parts of East Anglia for a time early in the morning, again snowfall is likely to be limited to higher ground but don’t be surprised to see a few flurries down to lower levels too for a time, through the day slightly warmer air will begin to mix out the colder air so showers turning increasingly back to rain I think. There’s a chance we could see a period of heavier snowfall across Scotland later in the afternoon, particularly across higher levels but I think even here it’ll turn back to rain and sleet later in the day away from the Scottish hills. Still feeling cold with temperatures ranging from 4-11c across the country.

Into next week temperatures look likely to remain below average but turning increasingly unsettled through the week as low pressure becomes the dominant feature bringing periods of wet and at times very windy weather.