Potential Storm Event

October 28, 2012

Weather Forecasts

In my last update I mentioned that Halloween was looking unsettled and unfortunately that’s still very much the case. Low Pressure just to the North of Scotland will bring a couple of bands of rain across the country through Wednesday and into Wednesday evening. If you’re looking to go trick or treating then I think the best place to be is across Scotland though even here I think we’ll see some rain moving into Western parts, perhaps more showery though.

Elsewhere, as you can see on the rainfall charts below its going to be quite wet with spells of moderate and at times heavy rainfall, it’s going to be quite windy too across Northern Scotland and any exposed Western facing areas.

Wednesday 12PM

Wednesday 3PM

Wednesday 6PM

Wednesday 9PM

Thursday 12AM

Whilst the above details are likely to change slightly, the chances of spells of rain and wind on Halloween are now high. If we move through onto Friday now the models are beginning to hint at the possibility of a secondary low forming. This brings the potential for some very strong winds and heavy rain, at the moment the worst effected areas are forecasted to be across Southern and Central England although the precise details are likely to change as the models firm up on this.

GFS Wind Speed Chart for Friday 2nd November


Through the course of this week it’ll turn increasingly unsettled as High Pressure in the Atlantic moves West allowing Low Pressure to establish itself across the UK. Wet and windy weather is expected for some if not most areas on Halloween and into the Halloween night. The potential on Friday is then for a secondary area of Low Pressure to develop out of the mean trough we will have sitting across the UK which could bring some very heavy rainfall and strong winds gusting 70mph along Southern coastlines. Details will of course change and further updates can be expected in the coming days.

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5 Comments on “Potential Storm Event”

  1. Roman linley Says:

    I’m glad I don’t agree with kids knocking on doors for sweets let America keep this silly Ritual
    So bring on the wind and rain maybe keep the kids inside


  2. Ray Tooley Says:

    Not a particularly nice Outlook,then!!?? But,are we likely to be ultimately affected by the huge,developing Winter storms moving up the East coast of the USA??? Could prove somewhat “interesting”…


  3. paul jupe Says:

    ok-it’s going to be a bit windy and there maybe a bit of rain but don’t you think you are blowing this a bit out of proportion?I am not sure how old you are but really a bit of wind and rain at this time of year is something that we are all used to and is certainly nothing unusual for the time of year?


    • Daniel Smith Says:

      I’m not sure 70mph gusts can be taken lightly, winds that strong have the potential to cause some structural damage and combined with heavy rain could create some dangerous conditions. It might be normal further North but across the bulk of Southern England, it definitely isn’t “normal”


      • Ray Tooley Says:

        Just because the UK might be ‘used to’ a ‘little bit of wind and rain’ this time of year,doesn’t make its potential impact any less severe. The combination of heavy rain and severe/storm force winds is ALWAYS DANGEROUS,no matter what time of year it happens! Also,and ironically enough,we don’t NEED any more rain for a while

        This post is drawing our attention to possibilities and is not ‘over stating’ this!


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