Weekend Weather

November 2, 2012

Weather Forecasts

This weekends weather is expected to see the cool, changeable theme continue with spells of rain interspersed by periods of drier, brighter weather.

We start the day on Saturday with a band of rain pushing through Scotland extending down into Northern England, a slot of colder air moving through with it looks likely to turn the rain to sleet and snow across higher levels, perhaps accumulating over the Scottish Highlands before clearing during the later part of the morning. Showers will move into North-West England, Wales and later into Southern Counties of England, elsewhere largely dry with sunny intervals. We’ll see another area of rain moving into Scotland during the evening, again this could fall as sleet or snow across higher ground. Temperatures ranging from 6c in the North to 10c in the far South.

Sunday sees an area of Low Pressure centered across Northern England which will generate some showers particularly across Western coastal areas, these dying away as they move further inland. The best of the weather looks likely to be to the East and South-East where we’ll see some good spells of sunshine. Feeling a little warmer on Sunday with temperatures ranging from 5c in the North to 12c in the South.

The showery cool conditions continue into the early part of next week but perhaps becoming a little more settled as a ridge of high pressure builds in from the West during the second half, remaining cool throughout with temperatures likely to be below average.

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3 Comments on “Weekend Weather”

  1. Ray Tooley Says:

    I live in S.E.England. I’ve JUST(Fri. 9.30am) seen the weather forecast for this weekend. . Unfortunately,it suggests that,in this area,Sunday will be rather wetter than you suggest and also much cooler,too,with a predicted High of only 8C! No mention at all of it “feeling a little warmer”. Hope you’re correct,though,because I trust what you say!


    • Daniel Smith Says:

      It’s sods law that a short wave system has now appeared on the models which would indeed bring in the wet weather the BBC are forecasting for Central Southern England and South-East England, I’ll keep an eye on it!


      • Ray Tooley Says:

        As we’re only too aware,it’s one of those annoying factors of living on an island,with sea all around us,and a big Continent to our East…things can happen that weren’t expected! I wouldn’t mind betting that the UK must be one of the most difficult areas in the world to give accurate forecasts for! Seas,Continent,Jet Streams,Gulf Stream…all certainly give us something to talk about!


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