Flash Severe Weather Warning Issued

November 24, 2012

Weather Warnings

Valid: Saturday 24th 15:00 – Sunday 25th 05:00

Issued For: Strong Winds, Heavy Rain, Flooding


  • Deepening area of low pressure bringing heavy rainfall
  • Rain on saturated ground likely to cause flooding
  • Strong gale force winds as the system clears North-Eastwards

Forecast Detail:

Overnight the models have strengthened the area of low pressure and current observations reflect this. A flash warning has therefore been issued as severe weather is expected over the next 12-14 hours. The heaviest of rainfall looks likely to be across South-West England, Southern Wales North-Eastwards through the Midlands and into North-East England.

Rainfall totals could be as high as 50mm in some places adding to the rainfall we’ve already seen in the last few days. The strongest winds look likely to be along Southern coastal areas and East Anglia coastal areas with winds gusting 60-70mph in exposed areas.

Orange Warning Zone:

Heavy rainfall through Saturday afternoon overnight into Saturday will bring a risk of flooding. Rainfall totals quite widely are expected to be between 20-30mm but locally we could see 45-50mm.

Red Severe Warning Zone:

Persistent heavy rainfall falling on very saturated and flooded ground is likely to lead to flooding as already high river levels burst their banks. Rainfall totals quite widely are expected to be between 25-30mm but locally we could see anything up to 60mm. The public in this area are advised to take extreme caution whilst travelling as some very severe weather could arise.

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2 Comments on “Flash Severe Weather Warning Issued”

  1. Sarah Kendall Says:

    Thanks for the warning Daniel. Rain has been heavy and persistent here since 6pm (North Gloucestershire) and having seen your warning I ventured outside with wellies, measure and torch. Flooding much worse here than earlier in week with ponds and ditches overflowing turning our lane into a canal. I measured 9 inches deep and rising. Thank heavens I moved the car on to higher ground earlier, even though I won’t be able to go anywhere tomorrow! River Severn was over the fields at the Mythe and Maisemore this afternoon, won’t be long before surface water run off and the Welsh water coming down the river take it over the A417 to Gloucester and to B4213 Cheltenham via Tirley.

    Really appreciate your weather updates, you provide a fantastic service.


  2. mud4fun Says:

    We have strong winds and heavy rain here (Brigg, North Lincs), parts of garden flooded this morning so must have been heavy rain through the night, approx 2″ of floodwater down the side of our house this morning so need wellies to get to my workshop 😦


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