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November 29, 2012

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MINUS 20C? Britain faces coldest winter for 100 years as Big Freeze follows floods


The above are just two headlines taken from the Daily Express and the Daily Mail. These two papers in the last week have printed several articles warming of the coldest winter in 100 years. I’ve had a few people asking me whether this is likely to happen or not and the simple answer is no.

Newspapers like the Daily Mail and the Express run the same scaremongering articles every single year, the Express being particularly bad for doing this. Take the picture below for example, just a few of the headlines the express has printed both this year and last year.

Image taken from Paul Hudson’s weather Blog

As we all know, last winter turned out to be milder than average and these headlines simply did not come to fruition. The paper has openly admitted to putting these headlines up due to them seeing sales go up by 10%. These headlines have no scientific backing whatsoever, forecasters are often misquoted or extremist forecasts who predict the same ice age like winters every single year are quoted.

Please ignore any headlines you see such as these printed by the Daily Express and the Daily Mail, they’re quite frankly ridiculous and untrue.

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9 Comments on “Newspaper Headlines”

  1. Jon Says:

    I must agree with your comments about the daily express front page and can see how it increases their sales by 10% I have been buying it based on their headlines, the classic was their summer prediction for 2012….heat waves, all time highs….it never happened. likewise they run front page articles on health issues def gets their sales and the supermarket`s up!


  2. michael haydon Says:

    Sounds Like “April fools” headlines, They like to publish, when they have the slightest Whiff of a cold snap. Seems newspapers, aren’t learning any lessons from the Leveson Enquiry, and still report totally untrue and misleading Front page headlines. I for once was taken in by one of the headlines last year, which said Nwest would see up to 12 inches of snow and treacherous driving conditions, so cancelled a trip to N Yorks on that advice. Imagine my annoyance when the day turned out to be bright sunshine and not a cloud to be seen, although was -7C overnight.


  3. Luke Storey Says:

    I see I’m not the only person who reads Paul Hudson’s blog ;D


  4. Kevin Says:

    Met Office issues a sever weather warning for snow….bit early in the month for that?


  5. michael haydon Says:

    Met office issues severe warning for snow,? As far I know, Its going to rain Sunday, in North West anyway. What type of information are they using, to issue a “severe Snow warning from”?
    Sounds like, a another Daily Express headline 😀


  6. michael haydon Says:

    Wonder if Danial has any comments on this 🙂

    Britain faces ice and cold until Christmas thanks to the same type of weather system which caused the “big freeze” three years ago, forecasters predict.

    The odds of a white Christmas have been boosted because a “sudden stratospheric warming” (SSW) is expected to occur within the next week, which will keep Britain in the grip of sub-zero temperatures until late December at least.

    The weather system, which is being monitored by the Met Office’s state-of-the-art forecasting software, appears to be a smaller version of the major SSW which froze the country for almost three months in 2009/10.


  7. michael haydon Says:

    Heard Helsinki had a metre of snow, one resident tweeted. Theres a Geo map being tweeted by some pilot 😛 Looks rather ominous, as the blue plunge can be clearly seen rafting into the UK. Not sure if I can post pictures in here, or Image url, but try anyway:P Nope cant drop and drag this png image, so have to give the url to the Fr. Geo map.!/RobbiePPLPilot/media/slideshow?

    Seems to be a image of Geo, temperatures etc, maybe this is responsible for the large fall of snow in The Nordic Countries?


  8. Gerardo Says:

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