Some areas saw some snowfall last night as an area of low pressure tracked Eastwards across the country. This area of low pressure has brought some slightly less cold air with it but that’s not set to last as colder air will be pushing Southwards across the UK once again over the next couple of days.

Met Office 06z FAX Chart
Met Office 06z FAX Chart

The outlook for the course of this week remains the same really, generally quite cold with a threat of snow across Northern and Eastern areas never really too far away. I’m not expecting anything too significant snow-wise through the course of this week.

Towards the weekend however things become a little more interesting albeit with a lot of uncertainty within the model output. A deeper area of low pressure looks likely to push Eastwards through Scotland and then down into the North Sea bringing a risk of stronger winds and for a time heavier rain, as it begins to push South and East however colder air will once again start to dig into the flow which could bring the risk of some snowfall for some.


The tracking of this system will be key to working out the difference between snow and rain so I’ll keep you up-to date in the coming days.