5425328898_c653f8a835_zThe computer charts late last week and through the weekend backtracked significantly from what was looking likely to be a cold and snowy period of weather. Instead we have seen colder air push across the UK but it’s been largely dry with wintry showers being confined to the extreme East and South-East.

The cold weather will be with us for a couple more days giving widespread overnight frost, mist and fog with a risk of one or two wintry showers continuing in Eastern areas. Through the second part of the week and into the weekend the Atlantic will begin to push across the UK bringing a return to milder Atlantic driven weather. There is still some uncertainty over how quickly this is going to happen and whether or not it’ll bring a period of snow. At the moment widespread snowfall is looking unlikely however things could well change.

Into the weekend we’re going to see further spells of rain which could bring the risk of further flooding down across South-Western areas, this will be accompanied by strong Westerly winds so whilst it’ll feel warmer, it wont necessarily be very pleasant outside either.