Heavy Rain, Strong Winds!

December 12, 2012

Weather Forecasts

We’ve seen some very low temperatures in the last couple of days with widespread frosts. We’re expecting another cold night tonight with widespread frosts once again, freezing fog shouldn’t be as widespread or as dense as last night though where we saw one or two snow showers too.

The change to milder conditions will come through Thursday night and into Friday as the Atlantic begins to push in across Western areas, rainfall will push Northwards across South-West England and up into the Midlands as we go through the day on Friday. This is expected to fall as rain for most but we could see some sleet and snow for a time across higher ground of the North Midlands, Northern England and later into Scotland too.

GFS Model showing Atlantic Driven Weather

GFS Model showing Atlantic Driven Weather

This really sets the theme for the weekend and the majority of next week too. Spells of wet and windy weather pushing across the country brings a worry of further flooding across South-Western parts of England and we’re monitoring this quite closely to keep checking the Weather Warnings page if you’re in that area.

Looking further ahead the unsettled weather looks likely to continue into the foreseeable future with temperatures typically around average for the time of year.

Christmas, at this stage is expected to be changeable with spells of rain or showers, temperatures close to the seasonal average.

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5 Comments on “Heavy Rain, Strong Winds!”

  1. David Says:

    so much for the beast from the east more like the pest from the west i wonder if we will get any snow?some forecaster’s are saying it will be the worst winter since 1963 i find that hard to belive


  2. guyfawkes Says:

    Will the cold eastern weather come back after the Atlantic mild weather has dominated for a bit?


    • Daniel Smith Says:

      There’s no sign of that happening at the moment. I think we’ll probably have to wait until early – Mid January before seeing another shot of cold, but things can change pretty quickly


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