Through the weekend and indeed, through the course of the next week low pressure is going to remain the dominant theme bringing further spells of rain. Transient ridges of high pressure will however help break up the spells of rain giving drier and brighter interludes too.

The further outlook is an uncertain one with a lot of scatter within the ensembles.


The general consensus from the ensembles is one of continuing unsettled conditions with milder weather being far more likely than anything on the cold side. The height anomaly chart tends to agree with this placing high pressure to our South with low pressure over or close to the United Kingdom.


If you’re looking for anything cold and snowy then unfortunately you’re out of luck as nothing like that is currently appearing within the model outlooks though perhaps a slight trend to average/slightly below average conditions later in the forecast period.

Christmas Update:

I think we can now be fairly confident to say that a snowy white Christmas is now looking unlikely, low pressure looks to be the dominating pattern bringing further spells of rain over the Christmas period, temperatures perhaps close to the seasonal average.