Snow-Risk-MapI’ve been keeping a very close eye on the models in the past few days and there’s growing confidence that an area of rain, sleet and snow will affect parts of the country through Saturday and into Sunday.

A small area of low pressure is expected to push across South-West England and then track South-Eastwards to the South of the country. This will then begin to draw much colder air in from the East which will begin to see precipitation turning increasingly to snow as the colder air mixes in.

Yellow Zone:

A mixture of rain, sleet and wet snow is expected in this area with accumulations at this stage considered to be unlikely. However should the tracking of the system be slightly further South, this area could see a more significant snowfall event so keep checking back for the latest updates in the run up to the weekend.

Orange Zone:

Current tracking of this system places the heaviest of the snowfall over this area, current expectation is for a period of rain to turn increasingly to sleet and snow through the course of Saturday as colder air begins to mix in with the precipitation. Accumulations of 1-5cm are expected mainly over higher ground but not exclusively. Changes in the tracking of this system however may result in this area being further North or further South.

There continues to be a lot of uncertainty over the tracking and timing of this system, small changes in the track will place the risk of snow over a different area so do not take this as a forecast, but more of an outlook of what currently is expected to happen. A change in track could even take away the snow risk altogether, it’s a very complex setup and it’ll be a few days before we can firm up on the details. I will update you on the situation over the next few days and up to the weekend as things change and develop.