Mondays Snow Risk
Mondays Snow Risk

Rain, sleet and snow has been working its way into Scotland and North-West England during the course of today, this will continue to give accumulations of around 3-7cm down to lower levels with higher ground seeing up to 12cm.  This will continue to work its way South-Eastwards overnight tonight and through into tomorrow giving accumulations to Central and Eastern areas of England in particularly and down into East Anglia later in the day on Monday.

A warm sector associated with this system is likely to bring up some slightly warmer air across Southern counties which will turn the snow to a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow particularly to the South of London. Whilst accumulations in this area cannot be ruled out, particularly over higher ground I think they will be fairly limited due to the more wintry nature of the precipitation.

Things start to become a little more interesting as we move into Tuesday, low pressure developing to the South-East will begin to draw in stronger East or North-Easterly winds which will bring a risk of some heavy snow showers through East Anglia and the South-East in particularly, but also Northwards into Eastern parts of England too. Further West I expect it’ll be a largely dry, bright but cold day. Due to the uncertainties in the model output at the moment I can only forecast in detail one day ahead.

The rest of the week looks likely to remain on the cold side with a further threat of snow particularly but not limited to Eastern parts.