Monday + Tuesday Snow Risk

January 13, 2013

Weather Forecasts

Mondays Snow Risk

Mondays Snow Risk

Rain, sleet and snow has been working its way into Scotland and North-West England during the course of today, this will continue to give accumulations of around 3-7cm down to lower levels with higher ground seeing up to 12cm.  This will continue to work its way South-Eastwards overnight tonight and through into tomorrow giving accumulations to Central and Eastern areas of England in particularly and down into East Anglia later in the day on Monday.

A warm sector associated with this system is likely to bring up some slightly warmer air across Southern counties which will turn the snow to a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow particularly to the South of London. Whilst accumulations in this area cannot be ruled out, particularly over higher ground I think they will be fairly limited due to the more wintry nature of the precipitation.

Things start to become a little more interesting as we move into Tuesday, low pressure developing to the South-East will begin to draw in stronger East or North-Easterly winds which will bring a risk of some heavy snow showers through East Anglia and the South-East in particularly, but also Northwards into Eastern parts of England too. Further West I expect it’ll be a largely dry, bright but cold day. Due to the uncertainties in the model output at the moment I can only forecast in detail one day ahead.

The rest of the week looks likely to remain on the cold side with a further threat of snow particularly but not limited to Eastern parts.

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8 Comments on “Monday + Tuesday Snow Risk”

  1. ste Says:

    Lers hope we get it in manchester! Its only sleeting here. wonder if it will turn more to snow later in the night


  2. Hayley Says:

    What do you think we will see in midhurst (west sussex?) looking yellow hping orange 🙂


  3. lisa Says:

    typical n.i doesnt get any:(


  4. julie Says:

    snowing in northern moor lets hope it will cont for the children to build snowmen:)


  5. mud4fun Says:

    We had about an inch of snow last night (Barnetby, North Lincs) but melting already as it is now 2c outside. Roads are relatively clear other than some slush. Thick cloud cover though and has the feeling of more snow. The kids woke us up this morning very excited to finally see the snow this winter 🙂


  6. Callum Says:

    Couple of cm fell in wittering nr peteborough Sunday night into Monday morning, I’m hoping for lots more. Not sure who likes it more, me or the boy!


  7. mud4fun Says:

    Well it has now snowed non stop since 11am this morning and we have a good 2-3″ of snow all over the garden. (North Lincs)

    I’m due to drive down to Coventry tomorrow morning but not sure on whether they’ll be getting any tonight?


  8. Roman linley Says:

    Billingshurst had a dusting this morning then rain set in
    Love how the news report 5 cm of snow like its 6ft lol Wish it was


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