Valid: Friday 18th – Saturday 19th January 2013

Issued For: Heavy Snowfall


  • Cold continental air in place over the UK
  • Atlantic weather fronts moving into that cold air and stalling
  • Potential for significant snowfall

Forecast Detail:

uk-counties-mapDuring the course of this week high pressure developing over Scandinavia will push very cold air across the United Kingdom, this will have several days to become established and embedded down to the surface with widespread frost and for some, snow cover. During Friday an Atlantic weather system looks likely to push into Western and South-Western parts, perhaps effecting Northern Ireland too though I think the milder Atlantic air will probably have too much of an effect here, I have however included Northern Ireland in the early advisory because there is a chance this system could be placed further West.

As this weather front moves into the much colder air in place it will begin to turn to snow. The blocking area of high pressure is likely to slow or even stall the weather front which brings the potential for some significant and disruptive snowfall. Details at this stage remain uncertain with regards to the tracking and positioning of the weather system. We could find that the snow risk extends further East or doesn’t even move into the UK at all.