Friday Snow Risk + Next Week

January 17, 2013

Weather Forecasts

Snow totals are likely to vary widely, this is to be taken as a guide, some areas locally are likely to see totals higher or lower than stated here

Snow totals are likely to vary widely, this is to be taken as a guide, some areas locally are likely to see totals higher or lower than stated here

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the last few days you’ll know that tomorrow (Friday) is going to see an area of significant snowfall pushing Eastwards across the country. Not much has changed since my last article with the focus of the snow being across Wales, West Midlands and down into South-Western parts of England, though perhaps more in the way of snow across Northern Ireland expected now instead of the rain the models were currently predicting yesterday.

The snow looks likely to linger across Eastern and South-Eastern areas through into Saturday though I think turning lighter and patchier here as the day progresses. Through into Sunday the area of low pressure that brought Fridays snowfall will slip away into Central France and this will bring winds around to more of an Easterly direction bringing the risk of heavier snow showers into Eastern parts in particular.

It’s into Monday and Tuesday though that things once again become uncertain, there is the potential for another area of low pressure to push into Western areas and as the precipitation hits that cold air it’ll once again begin to turn to snow.

The tracking of this system is still uncertain and I think it’ll be a couple of days before we can start to highlight the snow risk areas but it’s something I’ll be keeping a close eye on.

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9 Comments on “Friday Snow Risk + Next Week”

  1. richard Says:

    do u think east anglia will get much snow friday


  2. David Says:

    while i understand its not for everyone its nice to see some decent snow fall for a change i think some one forgot to tell the weather about friday its started snowing here already


  3. Matt Says:

    I’m hearing rumours of a major snow event to hit on Monday. There’s a chap on twitter warning of 1947 snow levels and state of emergency, call out the army and so forth, in the worst case scenario. Do the models support this?


    • michael haydon Says:

      There is in fact a level of severe weather, That could be called a state of emergency, I saw it in numerous blogs, sites about this coming event. Who calls that, Im sure not sure, depends on the threat to life, being, like Power lines, coming down, cutting off power supplies, , and villages at a high Elevation being cut off. Many drivers trapped in cars etc.

      This event still has not reached anything like 63, unless the current SSW situation doesn’t change, and we have this freezing Russian weather for at least another 4 weeks. I didn’t see any pavements in 63 winter snow storms for 8 weeks. As far as I can gather the 47 was a one in a lifetime winter. It will depend on the track of the heavy stuff, now expected to sink more into south west & Wales, indeed, having lived in Wales a long time ago, if really high levels of snow, gather on top of the many, many high areas, and above the Upper Swansea valley, and up to Brecon, could even have mini avalanches, due the the strong winds, drifting snow up to 6Feet in depth. Then the whole of Wales, could, (said could) be cut off, depending on the conditions on the M4 motorway after the Severn bridge. The army can also be called in, to help save livestock, if needed on a large scale.
      Please dont forget our feathered friends, Small birds, (Passerines) namely Robins, finches, Wrens and Blue/Tit family’s, collared doves, magpies etc Can’t survive extreme cold at night, unless they feed during the day, so please put out as much seed balls, nuts, and wild bird food for them. In 63, the uk alone lost 90% of our Wren population. Don’t pour hot water on your pond, only very luke warm, and press down the ice to make some holes in it. Never take a rock or hammer to break the ice, the shock wave, could kill your fish! Or worse, could crack the lining, or break Plastic Pools.

      (That message on behalf of the RSPB of which myself and my wife support, along with Wetlands & Wildfowl trusts Glos, & The Wildlife trust which we are long standing members off)



      • sarah jones Says:

        thankyou for your nost thoughtfull take on the current weather situation ,i for one planned for a cold winter and also make sure any local wildlife can come into my garden for food ,good luck to anyone not prepared


  4. pel Says:

    snowing here in york vale,very cold -4


  5. Hayley Says:

    Light dusting at around 8pm last night (midhurst) west sussex, now snowing lightly, come on” white stuff”, hurry up! need the school to close so we can go sledging 😉


  6. MissRose Says:

    Been snowing over night and been lightly snowing all morning in North
    Yorkshire. My 4 year old is dying to go make a snowman haha 🙂


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