Snow Risk Spreads East

January 18, 2013

Weather Forecasts

We’ve seen some widespread snowfall through today as a frontal system worked its way Eastwards across the country. Parts of Wales and South-West England have seen up to 25cm, with variable amounts elsewhere.

(The two charts below show both radar activity and accumulation so far, courtesy of NetWeather.TV)

Image showing radar activity. Pink = Snow

Image showing radar activity. Pink = Snow

Image showing accumulation totals

Image showing accumulation totals


Snow-Risk-MapThe area of snow will gradually begin to fizzle out as we go into this evening and overnight although snow showers could well continue across Scotland and Eastern parts of England as winds begin to come in from more of an Easterly. This will continue through into Saturday with the snow risk becoming quite widespread I think across Eastern areas and perhaps down into the South-East too. The remnants of an upper trough sitting across the South-East combined with Easterly winds will allow showers to push into parts of Northern and Central Kent, this could give some significant snow if it does develop however there is a lot of uncertainty with this, 5-10cm has been given as a rough estimate but there’s no guarantee a streamer will develop.

The odd isolated snow shower cannot be ruled out elsewhere but I think it’ll be a largely dry but very cold day for most.

Through into Sunday the models are beginning to pick up on an area of low pressure that could move Northwards out of France into South-East England, East Anglia and up into Eastern areas. There is again some uncertainty resounding this with different models placing the tracking in a slightly different place so it’s something that needs to be monitored, there could also be a problem with slightly warmer air getting into the mix too which could turn things more sleety for some. The below chart will be updated tomorrow (Saturday) to take into account the high-resolution model data.

Snow-Risk-MapBeyond into next week there’s another risk for snowfall on Monday and Tuesday for some which I’m keeping a close eye on, but otherwise the cold weather looks likely to stay with us for the best part of next week.


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2 Comments on “Snow Risk Spreads East”

  1. Deirdre Hunter Says:

    Hi Westhill just west of Aberdeen heavy snow showers and gales. Great website thanks


  2. SnowMachine Says:

    Heavy snow, thunder and lightning here in the foothills of the Yorkshire! Feels really special to be indoors watching and listening. Have just been out in the car for a drive (rear wheel drive BMW), no problems at all, traction control light off for vast majority of the time – just using winter tyres… Can’t recommend them enough.


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