During the past two or so weeks we’ve seen a few fairly widespread snow events. The Atlantic is now finally going to be moving in across the United Kingdom turning things milder but also increasingly unsettled as we move into next week with low pressure systems bringing spells of heavy rainfall, this could potentially lead to further flooding to some areas.

Snow-Risk-MapBefore that happens though, we’re going to see a period of transient snowfall affect parts of the UK through tomorrow (Friday) as Atlantic weather fronts meet the colder air in place across the country. Further South and West I think it’ll generally be a rain event, though perhaps a few flakes of snow on the leading edge.

The risk of snow really affects London Northwards with accumulations quite widely between 3-6cm, though perhaps higher in some places, especially over higher ground. The snow should begin turning increasingly back to rain through the course of the day which should begin to melt any lying snow that has accumulated during the snowier period.

Into next week it looks likely that we’ll see spells of wet and windy weather and it’s likely weather warnings will be issued in the coming days for flooding potential.