Many areas have seen some snowfall in the last couple of days with some higher areas seeing up to 15cm. That’s all set to change as the week progresses as Atlantic weather systems begin to bring in milder conditions from the West.

Advanced-OutlookAs this transition occurs though we’re going to see another area of snowfall across parts of the UK, particularly so across Northern and Central parts but just about anywhere could see a period of snowfall away from the South-West. Accumulations and exact tracking at this stage remain uncertain so an update will be issued tomorrow. Current thinking though is that high risk areas could see 10-12cm locally, whilst moderate risk areas could see closer to 5cm locally.

Beyond Wednesdays and into the weekend temperatures will recover somewhat as milder Westerly winds develop as high pressure builds across the country turning things increasingly settled.

The position of this high pressure however is far from certain, some models build it across Southern areas which would keep the UK relatively mild, whilst other models develop the high pressure to the North signalling a return to colder weather beyond the weekend. So plenty to keep an eye on!