Turning Colder, Mostly Dry

February 17, 2013

Weather Forecasts

I mentioned a couple of days ago that models were beginning to agree on a colder spell of weather as we go through the course of next week.

Over the next couple of days it will begin to turn gradually colder across the country as high pressure developing over Scandinavia begins to send colder air Westwards across the United Kingdom. There’s fairly good agreement on the positioning of High Pressure now and it’s looking likely that it’ll remain largely dry across the country with little in the way of snowfall. Unfortunately there’s going to be a lot of cloud around with little sunshine so not only is it going to feel cold, it’s going to be very dull for most too.

ECM Model

ECM Model

GFS Model

GFS Model

UKMO Model

UKMO Model

There is the potential for some snowfall into South-Eastern England later on in the week as winds and pressure become more favorable but I think for a large majority of the country, cold and dull is the theme as the week progresses.

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One Comment on “Turning Colder, Mostly Dry”

  1. Joe Says:

    Why does it take so long for a weather update here?
    Chance of cold blast mid march with chance of significant snowfall.


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