Through the rest of today heavy snow showers will continue to affect parts of Eastern Scotland Southwards across Eastern England as strengthening North-East winds drive those showers in. I must admit I am very late in calling this one, the combination of surprise snowfall and not having a computer for the last couple of days caught me out so for that I apologise!

NEW-SNOW-RISK-MAPMondays snowfall situation is a highly complex one and something that’s still evolving even at this late stage in the forecast. An area of low pressure moving up the English channel will bring the risk of heavy snowfall to Southern parts of England, primarily South of the M4.

Computer models are still struggling to pin point the exact track of this system, some want to take the snowfall further North whilst other models have the snowfall barely scraping the South coast. Due to this it’s very hard to be specific about how much snowfall a particular area is going to get.

The most likely outcome is for those in the extreme South will see some significant snowfall with accumulations of 10cm +, particularly across higher ground. Slightly further North of this snowfall is still expected, but accumulations are likely to vary, please take the chart as a guide rather than a specific forecast, some may see more, some may see less.


On top of the above, we also have a risk of heavy snow showers effecting many Eastern counties of England and Scotland. Very cold


upper air crossing the relatively warm North Sea will allow convection to build. Once again forecasting specific accumulations from showers is very difficult but exposed areas could see anything up to 10cm through Monday and Tuesday. Showers may converge into longer spells of more organised snowfall.

I’ve included parts of the South-East on this map due to the possibility of a Thames Streamer, but that does depend on the tracking of the channel low.