Heavy Snow Incoming!

March 10, 2013

Weather Forecasts

Through the rest of today heavy snow showers will continue to affect parts of Eastern Scotland Southwards across Eastern England as strengthening North-East winds drive those showers in. I must admit I am very late in calling this one, the combination of surprise snowfall and not having a computer for the last couple of days caught me out so for that I apologise!

NEW-SNOW-RISK-MAPMondays snowfall situation is a highly complex one and something that’s still evolving even at this late stage in the forecast. An area of low pressure moving up the English channel will bring the risk of heavy snowfall to Southern parts of England, primarily South of the M4.

Computer models are still struggling to pin point the exact track of this system, some want to take the snowfall further North whilst other models have the snowfall barely scraping the South coast. Due to this it’s very hard to be specific about how much snowfall a particular area is going to get.

The most likely outcome is for those in the extreme South will see some significant snowfall with accumulations of 10cm +, particularly across higher ground. Slightly further North of this snowfall is still expected, but accumulations are likely to vary, please take the chart as a guide rather than a specific forecast, some may see more, some may see less.


On top of the above, we also have a risk of heavy snow showers effecting many Eastern counties of England and Scotland. Very cold


upper air crossing the relatively warm North Sea will allow convection to build. Once again forecasting specific accumulations from showers is very difficult but exposed areas could see anything up to 10cm through Monday and Tuesday. Showers may converge into longer spells of more organised snowfall.

I’ve included parts of the South-East on this map due to the possibility of a Thames Streamer, but that does depend on the tracking of the channel low.

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5 Comments on “Heavy Snow Incoming!”

  1. skribbledotcopy Says:

    Here’s hoping for Portsmouth!


  2. stevester8308 Says:

    This site still forgeting that NI is part of the uk we had over an inch of snow here in places last night . It would be nice to see what else is predicted for he considering its snowing here right now .


  3. Hayley Says:

    how much snow for midhurst do you think? as we’re only really about 15 miles from coast 🙂


  4. mud4fun Says:

    It was trying to snow all day yesterday (Sunday) here in North Lincolnshire and finally started with proper snow flakes about 9pm. However we only have about 1/2″ on the ground this morning so nothing really. However temperatures have plummeted. It was a heady +6c on Saturday afternoon and then yesterday afternoon was -2c. Still -1c this morning despite the bright sunshine. Also a very strong easterly wind which makes it feel a lot colder than it is.


  5. michael haydon Says:

    Been snowing in Blackpool, this morning, Biting winds, the coldest wind chill here all Winter, The snow grains are like a blizzard, They come along with the heavy Cumulus Thunder type clouds you see in Summer. The smaller the snow particles The colder the air is, large flakes of snow, are most often seen when temps are between 1-3C%, and normally accompany A proper Weather system, where temps get warmer under the blanket of cloud cover, Todays weather In N West is rather unusual, that with the heavy cumulus and Almost gale force winds, with a wind chill of at least -5C is What You normally see as normal in South East England, being parts of East Hampshire, Sussex and kent in particular. It was quite nostalgic seeing the snow blown along the Asda car park in Blackpool this morning, like confetti. Im returning to My Home Town of Eastbourne in the near future, mainly because my doctor thinks my Arthritis will benefit from the drier Climate in Sussex. In the Nwest, Almost 4-10 people trying to walk the streets here, suffer Acute or Chronic Arthritis, And I must admit, when I lived in Sussex (my Birthplace) for the 35 years I lived there, very few people were incapacited by Arthritis, or used Sticks and scooters. Athough I know I am going to have to put up with much colder temperatures in Winter, in Sussex, it Will be a much drier cold air, similar to Germany and Austria, where the Air may be bitingly cold, But its a Dry air, not saturated Wet air, like we currently have all the time on the N West coast. Plus the added bonus is, Sussex & kent get Summers, far from the west to get Atlantic fronts pounding us, almost non stop. The only Thing we did get In Sussex coast was regular Thunderstorms, and quite regular waterspouts out at sea, with some flash flooding, which normally brew up over northern France, and make there way over to us. Fog is a problem in Summer in South East coastal areas, One thing we don’t get in Nwest. But at least I will be able to enjoy a decent summer again, and go back mackerel fishing off the Promenade, or In Seaford.

    mackerel shoals dont inhabit North west coast lines it seems, Been trying for the 17 years I been in Blackpool. But Im told the climate is not right in Summers here for mackerel to shoal near the shore. So This is probably my last posting of this winter, as me and wife prepare to buy the caravan to tow in May/June to look for a dwelling back in my old home town. So I wish Danial and all weather lovers here a great Summer to come, hopefully :D, Hope to contribute to this Site next winter, and This time have a garden where I can put up the Maplin weather station instruments up, unfortunately My Maplin weather station remains in its box as the council , wouldn’t let me put a small aluminum pole on the outside wall to fix the anemometer and the other instruments,because The upstairs flat is private owned, but ours is council, but they wont allow any Ariel rigger firm to drill into the upper walls of the block, to install the pole, they even trying to stop sky dishes too, so people are forced to use the councils own freesat system they put in a year ago, and took down every ariel and dish on these blocks. Only If you have one of the houses opposite us, can you attach something to the wall, ground floor flats are allowed nothing ! so Another reason to move:)

    keep safe all



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