Turning Colder – Risk of Snow

March 17, 2013

Weather Forecasts

Spring? Where? The weather is set to turn colder once again as this week progresses. A huge area of high pressure to the North of the UK across Greenland and the Arctic will send the Jet Stream much further South allowing colder Easterly winds to develop.

Having said that, there is some uncertainty over the length of this cold spell and the extent in which it covers the UK, at this stage it looks likely that Northern areas will be primarily at risk. We can see this by comparing the Aberdeen and London GFS Ensembles.

London GFS Ensembles

London GFS Ensembles

Aberdeen GFS Ensembles

Aberdeen GFS Ensembles

The ECM ensembles are unfortunately only available for London, but even these show a cooling trend as we go through the week, however things become uncertain in the medium range with a huge amount of scatter within the ensembles, so currently there’s a lot of uncertainty over what happens beyond the 22nd March.

ECM Ensembles

ECM Ensembles

Conclusion & Forecast

Through the course of this week it’s going to turn increasingly cooler, particularly across Northern areas. The signal for snow is currently limited to more Northern and Eastern areas where we could see some snow showers developing from Tuesday onwards. Towards the weekend low pressure trying to move in from the Atlantic may bring an increased risk of heavy snowfall across some areas, this is something that’ll need to be monitored.



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One Comment on “Turning Colder – Risk of Snow”

  1. Vedinimas Says:

    Dear Spring? Did you get loss? Next year I will buy navigation system for u in order u would find us easy 🙂


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