Spring Postponed – More Cold and Snow Potential

March 23, 2013

Weather Forecasts

Everyone is starting to wonder where Spring is, unfortunately I’ve just taken a look at the models and there’s no real signal for any meaningful warmth. If anything the snow potential is going to continue throughout the next 7 days at least. Before we move onto that though, there has been some very significant snowfall across parts of the UK in the last couple of days. The below pictures were taken in Northern Wales – Incredible snow depths for any time of the winter, let alone in late March.

8408_404999149598631_1286756673_n 527845_481148095285427_316751233_n 579862_608169509210610_807153340_n (1)


NEW-SNOW-RISK-MAPLooking ahead to the new working week, high pressure is going to remain to the North of the UK and this is going to allow Easterly winds to develop. The signal for snow is not a strong one however there is the potential for some sleet and snow showers to effect Eastern Scotland and Eastern parts of England. Accumulations are not expected to be significant but 1-5cm cannot be ruled out for some, particularly across higher ground.

There is also growing potential for another significant spell of snowfall effecting Eastern and South-Eastern England later on in the week and into the weekend, due to the time-frame however there’s a great deal of uncertainty about this.

Looking even further ahead into early April, will be finally see some warmer weather arriving? Let’s take a look at some computer models.

ECM Ensembles

ECM Ensembles

The ECM ensembles for London do show a slow warming trend as we move into April, although it’s not a big one. Typically temperatures are ranging between 5-10c which isn’t going to feel particularly spring-like.

NCEP 8-14 Day Height Anomaly

NCEP 8-14 Day Height Anomaly

The height anomaly charts continue to show high pressure around Iceland and low pressure to the South and West of the UK. This suggests that whilst the cold may begin to relax its grip, there’s nothing remotely spring like in the forecast. It’s likely to remain on the chilly side as we move into April with things becoming generally quite unsettled.

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3 Comments on “Spring Postponed – More Cold and Snow Potential”

  1. mud4fun Says:

    We had 3″ overnight at low level but I’ve been out today in the Land Rover playing and recovering stuck motorists from roads that have 36″ of snow for hundreds of yards due to drifting in very high winds. Great fun šŸ™‚


  2. Andrzej Says:

    Last year, the private American firms accurately predicted a terrible summer with no real peak in temperature. Any idea when Spring and warmer weather is likely to hit the UK?



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    […] is our fourth snow dump of 2013. I must really love this country to be putting up with […]

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