Thunderstorm Risk – Turning Much Warmer

April 12, 2013

Weather Forecasts

It’s been a while since my last Blog post but I finally have some good news! It will be turning much warmer as we go through the weekend and Sunday is looking likely to be the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures reaching 20c in some spots! Before then though we do have a thunderstorm risk for some areas.

Thunderstorm-RiskA low pressure system running Eastwards across the country on Friday will allow sufficient instability in the Atmosphere to produce some localised thunderstorms. CAPE in the region of 700-1000 J/KG with a lift of -2/-3 will allow some of these storms to spark off during the morning and through the afternoon. The Midlands, East Anglia and the South-East look likely to be most at risk though they are expected to be quite localised. Squally winds and hail are expected to accompany the thundery downpours before they die away later on during Friday evening.

As we move into Saturday another area of low pressure to the West will bring strengthening winds across Western parts of England and Scotland as an area of rain works North-Eastwards across the country reaching North-Eastern areas by the evening.



Sunday offers a slightly better day for South-Eastern parts but across Wales into North-East England and Western Scotland there will be some rain around some of which could be heavy. Further South and East however drier weather and Southerly winds will allow temperatures to climb quite easily to 18c with a localised 19 or 20c not being ruled out for localised spots.

Sunday Temp Sunday

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One Comment on “Thunderstorm Risk – Turning Much Warmer”

  1. neil Says:

    been having short sharp thunderstorms all day here, with short spells of heavy rain


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