How did you get into forecasting the weather?

I’ve been fascinated by the weather since I was very young, as I grew up I began closely monitoring TV weather forecasts until I was about 13 years old, it was then that I joined the old BBC Weather Forums and began teaching myself how to interpret the various weather charts.

Have you had any meteorological training?

No. Everything I know has been self taught over the years

Why did you decide to setup UK Weather Forecasts

I always used to have friends and family asking what the weather was going to be like and combined with being a member on several forums I decided to create a site in which to publish my weather thoughts, the site has continued to grow ever since.

Do you charge for your forecasts?

No. UK Weather Forecasts is 100% free and always will be, I don’t believe someone should ever  have to pay money for a weather forecast, especially as forecasting the weather can at times be very challenging and forecasts cannot always be 100% accurate.

Do you have a weather forum?

No, I’ve decided against creating one because there are many weather forums out there that end up with very few posters, I do however have a Facebook page for simulating weather discussions.

If you get a forecast wrong, what do you do?

If a forecast turns out to be inaccurate I will hold my hands up and openly admit it. Instead of trying to cover it up I think being honest and learning why a forecast went wrong can only help to improve the accuracy of future weather forecasts. Weather is both an art and a science, it’s chaotic and changes with very little warning, being accurate all the time simply isn’t possible and even the more experienced and seasoned forecasters get it wrong on occasions.

How can I request a forecast?

There currently isn’t a system in place on the site for that, however many people do request forecasts on the UK Weather Forecast Facebook page and I try my best to respond as quickly as I can

I’m new to forecasting, can I join UK weather Forecasts?

Unfortunately not, I do this as a personal hobby and I think having someone else also forecasting with me on the site would make things seem too cluttered.

Do you do global forecasts?

UK Weather Forecasts is a website for UK weather only, however, if you’re going on holiday somewhere you’re more than welcome to request a forecast for your destination via the Facebook page.

Do you update all year round?

Yes, although the update rate will be significantly less during the spring and summer months, UK Weather Forecasts is mainly a winter site.

Does UK Weather Cost to run?

The site is ran with a free Blogging service called ‘WordPress’, I have however spent some money on the design of the website.

How far can you accurately forecast?

The further out you try to forecast the less accurate it will be come, my Long Range Forecasts are generally more of a guide, giving a run down of current factors and models and then giving the most likely outcome. Short term forecasts will always be far more accurate and should therefore be payed closer attention too, particularly at times of severe weather

How many people use UK Weather Forecasts?

The number of visitors to the site is constantly growing, our busiest period is the period August – December, we have already seen double the amount of visitors this year than we saw at the same time last year.


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