Acting on a recent suggestion I’ve decided to implement a feedback procedure, any suggests or general comments are appreciated. Any feedback given will be posted below the feedback chart.

Kerry – Hi Daniel – just wanted to say keep up the good work. I do enjoy getting your updates as you don’t simply “tell” – you “explain”. I had a very canny grandmother who could literally sniff the air and forecast the weather and jolly good she was too. I think I may have found her substitute!

Bells – This blog is awesome. Not only is it interesting, its informative and very easy to read, and I found it when I was looking for a site that explains how snow is forecast. (I just love snow…I know sad). Keep it up

Bob – Saved this to my favourites… How refreshing to see someone admit they got it wrong and come back positively with a fresh outlook!! (excuse the weak pun)

Jac Osborne – Just like to say I am EXTREMELY pleased I have found this site . Have been checking out all of the different pages , I love snow ! Your hard work shows and really does explain and help me find an answer to ” WILL IT SNOW THIS YEAR ? ” .. Thanks again ! Much appreciated !

Jo – Fantastic website! Great to have regular updates in layman’s terms and also the technical stuff if you’re into it. Watching the forecast for snow has become something of an obsession for me and I have found the most informative website yet!


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