I’ve decided to create a list of all the various websites I use to forecast + other useful websites,  this will serve useful for both me in giving me easy access to them and for anyone looking to get into weather forecasting themselves.

Short Term Models

Wetterzentrale – Various weather models

NAO/AO – NAO/AO forecasts

500MB Mean Height

Model Comparison – Compare different models with each other on one screen

Rainfall Model Comparison – Compare rainfall predictions amongst models

WeatherWeb TV – A useful resource website

TWO Chart Viewer – The Weather Outlook Chart Viewer

NMM Rainfall Model – High Res Rainfall Model

NAE Rainfall Model – High Res Rainfall Model

Jet Stream Forecast Model – Jet Stream Forecast

Long Range Models 

Sea Surface Temperatures


MJO Forecast

MJO Composites 

ECMWF Three Month Temperature Prediction


Russian Model

Beijing Climate Center

MetOffice Probability 

CFS Version 2

Other Informative Websites

GavsWeatherVids – Frequent, well thought out and largely accurate video forecasts

Met-Monkey – A constantly growing, friendly UK Weather Forum, one that I have been apart of for many years

Kent Weather – A local weather website dedicated to Kent weather forecasts

Nevermindtheweather – A new and upcoming weather site

If you would like your website to feature on our page, please click here and fill out the form, please include a link to your website along with a short description of what it is your website offers.


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