Site News

Updated: 8/1/13

  • Major layout change to improve both look and ease of use
  • New “post slider” added onto the main page to show latest posts

Updated: 30/11/12

  • Added Ireland Weather Page
  • Added Ireland Warnings Page
  • Added Ireland Snow Risk Page

The new pages are currently under test development so may not be updated at times, however once things become established they will be frequently updated and running smoothly.

Updated: 19/11/12

  • Minor changes to site design, colours changed
  • New page banner added
  • Added Christmas Snow Risk Page

Updated: 31/10/12

UKWeatherForecasts is 100% free and always will be. In order to continually improve the website I have begun asking for Donations. This is completely your choice, any donations will be very much appreciated and will allow newer and better features to be implemented in the future. Click Here to view the donation page

Updated: 26/10/12

With winter fact approaching the Blog is beginning to be updated more frequently, this means blog posts are being lost further down the page to newer ones. With this in mind, I have decided to add a dedicated “Snow Watch” page so you can quickly and easily find out whether you’re going to see some snowfall and if so, how much.

This page will forecast no further than 2 days ahead.

Updated: 16/10/12

You may have noticed the website has gone under a major re-design change. I’ve been looking at various weather websites over the last few days and despite the resent minor page changes I’ve decided a whole new look and skin changes was needed to give the website a more professional, sleek look. Along with this change in design, we also have a new “Understanding Ensembles” weather guide, a photography page and a feedback page.

The features implemented in the last site update are still active.

Newly Added

  • Photograph Gallery Page
  • Feedback Form Page
  • New ‘Understanding Ensembles’ weather guide
  • New ‘Subscribe’ to Facebook and Twitter graphics
  • Countdown to winter officially starting

Updated: 25/09/12

During the last few day I have been tweaking with a few settings and arrangements on the site to try and improve certain aspects, most of the changes/additions have been minor but I think will help improve user experience somewhat.

  • Added 5 Star Rating System to posts

Whilst a minor addition, I think being able to vote on the helpfulness of my posts will allow me to see how well received my articles are and which ones will need some work, this not only helps me improve but helps improve user experience.

  • Ability to thumbs up and down comments

This feature is very much in the testing period, if the feature is miss-used then it will be removed but many, many sites use this option so I thought it was about time we did too!

  • -Added and enabled a share feature allowing you to share articles directly to Facebook, Twitter & Google+

Another fairly small addition, but having the ability to share the articles directly and easily to social networking sites will help the word get out of pending severe weather a lot faster, it may also increase traffic to the site which can only be a good thing.

  • Added Warnings bar to side navigation, this will make it easier to view warnings at times of busy post rate

This came as a late add on, but I’ve decided to re-arrange the way in which weather warnings are issued on the site, instead of posting them directly to the main page their will now be a dedicated page for the warnings, during winter and in particular times of snowy weather the front page can be updated more than once a day and this pushes posts further down the stream which may stop them being seen, warnings are a very important aspect of the website so I feel adding a graphic to the side navigation menu will allow me to update the page frequently, whilst still clearly displaying that a warning is in force.

  • Minor Changes
  1. Facebook link added to the top navigation menu
  2. Changes in the background and banner for the winter season

If you have any ideas/suggestions for the Blog, please comment below.


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