12 thoughts on “Warnings

  1. If this is supposed to be a UK forecast, why arent you including details for Northern Ireland? You are only providing forecast for Great Britain and not the UK!!

  2. Is it true this weather avent on Saturday is going to be a killer storm
    With 100 mile an hour winds
    I’ve been in work all day and people shopping in the store are stocking up

  3. This website is very good and informative, i like the fact everything is detailed, i dont know much about how the weather works but i like to learn and this website helps me have a better understanding of not only what will happen but WHY it happens, excellent work daniel!

  4. Roman, You been reading to many daily Express “Doomsday” Forecasts, lmho. The very southern parts of The Uk Did have strong winds associated with the incoming low pressure System that bought so much rain to South Western areas, But if there were 100mph winds approaching, that is force 11-12 on the scale, ie. Hurricane force, and there would be official Met offices warning of an event of this type.

    Looks like after today, The wind direction is going to turn north, bringing much drier weather, I hope for a good time, to allow some drying out of all these Mires of mud everywhere you go, colder, too, But not too cold yet me. thinks:P

    For those interested in how wind speed is measured, and like to know more about the Beaufort scale of effects of wind speed. here’s the upper end of the scale.

    7 30 15 28–33 14-17 Near gale 4.0 5.5 5–6 Rough–Very rough
    8 37 19 34–40 17-21 Gale 5.5 7.5 6–7 Very rough–High
    9 44 23 41–47 21-24 Severe gale 7.0 10.0 7 High
    10 52 27 48–55 25-28 Storm 9.0 12.5 8 Very High
    11 60 31 56–63 29-32 Violent storm 11.5 16.0 8 Very High
    12 – – 64+ 33+ Hurricane 14+ – 9 Phenomenal

    The End of each line, where it says, “rough-very rough” is the Sea State you likely to observe.

    For a more detailed look at all the scales and its meanings, just Google “Beaufort Scale”.

    Regards Mike & keep up good work Danial 🙂

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